This Week’s Reading/ Listening

juja-han-210777I take a lot of “content” in each week. I love to read and I am constantly listening to podcasts at work, on my commute and at home. Some things really stand out, and to be honestly, I rarely get a chance to reflect or talk about how much I love certain stories with which I’ve interacted because I’m awkward and I don’t want to force others to listen to my nerdy ranting.  Since this is a place where I’m supposed to be nerdy and rant… here we go!

The three best stories I experienced in the last week.

  1. Episode 10- Headstone: Breath and Bone by the Human/Ordinary podcast
    I was introduced to this podcast just this week through the Strangers podcast which is one of the first podcasts I listened to a couple of years ago. This episode was a heart wrenching and truthful look at death and grief. Get your tissues out. You’re gonna cry.
  2. Friday, June 21, 2017 by The Daily podcast.
    So this is another tearjerker. I don’t know what’s with the end of this week but it was full of rough-but-beautiful stories. This is a news podcast, and though I find it very helpful for keeping up with the daily news and getting context to it without going crazy, I rarely feel like it’s the best content I listen to in  a given week. This week’s story about the women in refugee camps in Mosul tore me apart. It was a valued perspective on the international landscape and the price of war.
  3. Life With Mother Teresa and Doing Small Things With Great Love ft. Mother Mary Catherine by The Catholic Feminist Podcast
    This is obviously a specifically targeted podcast that might not be for everyone but Mother Mary Catherine had some awesome stories about what knowing Mother Teresa was like and about why sacrifice is a part of love.
Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash
This Week’s Reading/ Listening