juja-han-210777I take a lot of content in every week. I love to read and I am constantly listening to podcasts at work, on my commute and at home. Some things really stand out and to be honestly I rarely get a chance to reflect or talk about how much I love certain stories with which I’ve interacted because I’m awkward and I don’t want to force others to listen to my nerdy ranting.  Since this is a place where I’m supposed to be nerdy and rant… here we go!

The three best stories I experienced in the past week. There are no political stories this week because though I read and listened to many, they just made me sad… Another post for another time. 

  1. Episode 9: “1000-Year-Old Ghosts”  by Levar Burton Reads
    This short story by Laura Chow Reeve was a gorgeous look at memories and pain and how we deal with the two. The flashbacks are stunning. The ending is perfect. Levar Burton reads like he’s in love with the words and it is truly touching. If you prefer to read rather than listen, you can do so on
  2. Anxiety Is Hungry, Hungry Hippos by Nik Wiles
    This description of anxiety is one I could really identify with. Sharing experiences about mental health in a relatable way that can even be amusing, is powerful. We need more of these stories and TWLOHA is great at publishing them on their blog. World Suicide Prevention Day is coming and typically they only ramp up their excellent content production in advance of it. I’m looking forward to reading more great and beautiful, true stories of real people’s experiences.
  3. Home-baked Bread by Sally Croft
    Ok so this one is kinda naughty. It’s about homemade food but also intimate personal relationships. I’m an adult so I can tell you that I really appreciate a sexy poem about food. I was recently reminded of this poem we read and laughed about in college. It’s yummy and well-written but also just so full of memories and nostalgia.